Little Elm Gas Leak Detection

Expert Little Elm Gas Leak Detection service

A gas leak can be from carbon monoxide or natural gas. Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless. It’s a byproduct of burning gasoline in a vehicle or natural gas. Insufficient ventilation in the case of carbon monoxide presence, can lead to humans and animals poisoning.

Little Elm Gas Leak Detection wornout gas pipes

Chances of having Natural gas in your home are high. Natural gas is used in cooking, water heaters, heating, and cooling systems. Natural gas is commonly used in most households. It is highly flammable and can result in terrible fires or explosions.

Gas Leak detection in your home

Some of the indications of a gas leak in your home are:

  • If your home has an unusually strong odor, it could be a natural gas leak. Natural gas has a strong rotten egg-like smell or of decomposing garbage. This odor makes it easy to detect.
  • Stand still and listen to any hissing or whistling in the house. These sounds could be a sign of leaking gas.
  • Discolored plants – If you have plants in the house, check if their leaves are discolored or droopy. Having the smell and dead plants could be a sign of leaking gas.

What to do if you have a Gas leak

If you suspect, there is a gas leakage:

  • Evacuate your family to a safe place away from the leak to a place with fresh air
  • Do not turn on any electrical appliances
  • Do not turn on the lights
  • Don’t start your vehicle
  • Do not light a match
  • Do not turn on air conditioning.
  • At a place with fresh air, call gas detection and repair professionals using a phone not in the house with the suspected gas leak

It is an excellent idea to let the professionals find the point of leak to prevent any mistakes and thereby keeping everyone safe.

Natural gas is highly flammable, and if there is enough in the home, turning on motors or electrical appliances causes’ ignition, leading to an explosion.

Repairs to The Gas Pipe line

Ensure the plumber is licensed and insured before hiring. The plumber will ask questions to pinpoint the problem. If it’s a major leak, shut off the gas line immediately.

The plumber will locate the leak and give you a price. They will give the time frame for the repairs, and the inspections to be made after the repair.

At Affordable Slab Leak Repair Little Elm, we respond fast to calls on suspected gas leaks. We have modern and sophisticated gas detection tools to pinpoint the specific point of the gas leak. Our response team is available at all times to keep you and your family safe. Our plumbing service is proud to serve Little Elm, Texas, and the surrounding area. We are ready to handle all kinds of gas leak emergencies.

We also offer Slab Leak Repair and Sewer Lines Repair. Our team of expert plumbers will work with you to come up with a custom solution for you. Contact us today for the same day response.