Little Elm Sewer Line Repair

Expert Little Elm Sewer Line Repair Service

Most sewer lines problems occur over time. However, when they develop, they require prompt repair or replacement to prevent damage to property and health risks.
Our plumbing services a range of sewer lines services in repair, replacement, and cleaning out the sewer line.

Little Elm Sewer Line Repair Service

Signs You Require Sewer Line Repair or Replacement

Having a clogged plumbing fixture in your house from time to time is common, which clear over time. There are major sewer lines problems; however, that can’t be solved by pouring drain bleach in the sewer lines.
Some of the signs to watch out for which indicate major problems that require a professional plumber include:

  • Gurgling sounds coming from the toilet as you flush the toilet or drain the shower
  • No water in the toilets
  • Bathtub and sinks draining slowly
  • Sewer odor
  • Greener grass along the sewer line
  • Flooded yard

Regardless of the material, the pipes are made of; the damage will occur from pressure inside and outside the pipes.

What Causes Sewer Line Damage?

  • A build-up of debris in the sewer line. Flushing other materials other than human waste and toilet paper will cause clogging of the sewer line.
  • Tree roots- tree roots searching for water infiltrate the sewer pipes joints.
  • Broken and cracked pipes- Earthquakes and heavy construction on the ground level cause soil to shift, causing damage to the pipes.
  • Sagging pipes – Pipes sag over time, creating a valley where waste and debris collect, causing clogging.
  • Poor maintenance- Seals and joints between pipes along the sewer may decay and break, resulting in water leaking to the ground.
  • Corrosion- pipes deteriorate over time, causing blockage and leaking pipes over time.

Repairing Broken Sewer Lines

We have sewer lines repair experts, Little Elm Texas, who work with you to get a custom-tailored solution to your sewer line problems. Our expert plumbers at little Elm are ready to do the dirty work for you with our advanced tools at their disposal.

Solutions for Sewer Line Repair

Some of the solutions that we offer to repair your broken sewer lines are:

Pipe relining

Our technicians start by cleaning out the pipes, and then apply the lining which hardens over time. This gives new pipes from inside out.

Hydraulic replacement of the burst pipe

Where there is extensive damage to the pipe, a replacement is necessary. Using hydraulics, we’ll pull a new pipe through the old one, the hydraulics further breaking the old pipe apart and leaving a new one in place.

Preventive pipe maintenance

The best way to avoid issues with your sewer line is to schedule regular inspections to clean up the sewer line and prevent cracks, clogs, and bursts from occurring.

Our plumbers able to solve your entire Sewer lines Repair, Gas Leak Detection, and Slab Leak Repair issues. Contact us today, and we will review the problem, explain the options and the solutions most appropriate.

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